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PEPHub Client

User guide for the PEPHub client.

PEPhubclient is available as Python API and CLI. This document will guide you through the usage of the PEPHub client.


To install PEPHubClient from PyPI, use the following command:

pip install pephubclient

To install pephubclient from the GitHub repository, use the following command:

pip install git+


To login, use the login command:

phc login

Using the PEPHubClient CLI

PEPHubClient provides a CLI for interacting with PEPhub. You can find the list of available commands here: PEPHubClient CLI

Using the PEPHubClient Python API

from pephubclient import PEPHubClient

# initiate pephubclient object
phc = PEPHubClient()

# load pep as peppy.Project object
example_pep = phc.load_project("databio/example:default")

# Printed: 
## Project
## 6 samples: 4-1_11102016, 3-1_11102016, 2-2_11102016, 2-1_11102016, 8-3_11152016, 8-1_11152016
## Sections: pep_version, sample_table, name, description

# To upload a project:
phc.upload(example_pep, namespace="databio", name="example", force=True)

Full documentation for the Python API can be found here:

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at