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Set SRA data download location

Setting data download location with sratools

geofetch is using the sratoolkit to download raw data from SRA -- which means it's stuck with the default path for downloading SRA data, which I've written about. So before you run geofetch, make sure you have set up your download location to the correct place. In our group, we use a shared group environment variable called ${SRARAW}, which points to a shared folder (${DATA}/sra) where the whole group has access to downloaded SRA data. You can point the sratoolkit (and therefore geofetch) to use that location with this one-time configuration code:

# Set your $DATA environment variable
export DATA="/path/to/data/"
echo "/repository/user/main/public/root = \"$DATA\"" > ${HOME}/.ncbi/user-settings.mkfg

Now sratoolkit will download data into an /sra folder in ${DATA}, which is what ${SRARAW} points to.

If you are getting an error that the .ncbi folder does not exist in your home directory, you can just make a folder .ncbi with an empty file user-settings.mkfg and follow the same command above.