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PEPhub development


The following assumes you have already setup a database. If you have not, please see here.

There are two components to PEPhub: a FastAPI backend, and a React frontend. As such, when developing, you will need to run both the backend and frontend development servers. Full API documentation can be found at

Backend development

uvicorn is used to run the backend development server. To start the backend server, run the following:

uvicorn pephub.main:app --reload

The backend server should now be running at http://localhost:8000. If you wish to debug the backend server, the repository contains a launch.json file for VSCode. You can use this to debug the backend server.

Frontend development

Before beginning, ensure you are using a nodejs version > 16. To manage node versions, most people recommend nvm.

We use vite as our development and build tool for the frontend. Before starting, make sure you point the development server at the already running backend server. To do this, create a .env.local file inside the web/ directory with the following contents:


Now, to start the frontend development server cd into the web/ directory, and run the following:

npm install # yarn install
npm start # yarn dev

The frontend development server should now be running at http://localhost:5173/. The React development server comes with a lot of nice features, such as hot reloading, and debugging. You can read more about these features here.